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Contractubex Gel

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Contractubex Gel Price In Pakistan

Contractubex Gel Price In Pakistan Treatment With Contractubex® Should Be Carried Out As Early As Possible In Order To Have A Positive Effect On Scar Formation.Contractubex Gel Price In Pakistan Treatment Can Begin Just A Few Days After The Wound Is Closed Or Eight To 10 Days After An Operation. Before Applying, Moisten The Skin Slightly To Optimize The Absorption Of The Active Ingredients.

Fresh Scars:Contractubex Gel Price In Pakistan

Contractubex Gel Price In Pakistan The Gel Is Applied To The New, Delicate Scar Tissue 1-3 Times A Day, Thick With The Back Of A Knife And Gently Massaged In With The Fingertips In A Star Shape From The Center Under Light Pressure To All Edges Until The Gel Has Completely Penetrated. There Must Be No Pain.

Old Scars (Older Than A Year):

Contractubex Gel Price In PakistanOn Older, Hardened Scars, Contractubex® Is Applied To The Scar Tissue 1-3 Times A Day And Gently Massaged In.Contractubex Gel Price In Pakistan In Addition To Massaging In Contractubex®, It Is Advisable To Cover The Scar With A Bandage Overnight In Order To Intensify The Effect.
Big Scars:Contractubex Gel Price In Pakistan

Contractubex Gel Price In Pakistan A Gel Bandage Is Particularly Recommended For Large Areas Of Scarring. Soften The Scar Tissue Beforehand With Warm Compresses, Then Apply Contractubex® Thick With The Back Of A Knife,Contractubex Gel Price In Pakistan Massage In The Gel Lightly And Cover The Area With Z. B. A Household Foil. Then Put On An Additional Bandage And Let The Gel Work Overnight. Air-permeable Plasters Are Also Suitable For Smaller Areas.

Scars On Hands, Elbows, Feet, Etc.:Contractubex Gel Price In Pakistan

Baths Are Recommended For Scars On Hands, Elbows, Feet, Etc. Put A Strand Of Contractubex® In Lukewarm Water And Bathe The Scar For A Long Time.

With Some Scars, You Will See Treatment Success After A Relatively Short Time. Most Scars, However, Take A Few Months To Improve Significantly. But With Patience And Intensive Care, Your Scar Will Hardly Cause You Any Problems.

Ingredients Contractubex Gel Price In Pakistan

Onion Extract, Heparin And Allantoin. Onion Extract Has An Anti-inflammatory, Decongestant And Bactericidal Effect And Inhibits Excessive Growth Of Connective Tissue. Heparin Has A Loosening Effect On The Tissue Structure, Is Anti-inflammatory And Promotes Water Retention In The Scar Tissue. Allantoin Promotes Wound Healing And Has A Soothing Effect.

How To Use:Contractubex Gel Price In Pakistan
• Clean Scars With Water And Pat Dry
• Apply A Thin Layer Directly Onto The Scars
• Massage The Gel On For 2-3 Minutes
• Use 2 To 3 Times Daily For Atleast 3 Months

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